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Size 28 Hummer 5/8 Shorts - OLD STOCK, Black

Size 28 Hummer 5/8 Shorts - OLD STOCK, Black

Size 28 Hummer 5/8 Shorts - OLD STOCK, Black



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IMPORTANT: No returns or exchanges on any sale items (excess stock, older stock, samples or seconds). No exceptions. All items are new and unworn but may have minor fabric flaw(s) or construction fault(s). Generally old stock won't have flaws (this is not guaranteed). However, a handful of items may have water-soluble adhesive residue from sticky size label tape. This is easily washed out. All purchases are as is. Brand tags may have been cut in half, swing tags may have been marked accordingly. Sorry, no questions will be answered regarding the items in this sale and we cannot post pictures of seconds. All coupons (including loyalty points coupons) are invalid for the purchase of these items*.

See normal product listing for approximate style and size details. Obviously samples may vary and with old stock and seconds, newer versions of the styles may have changed, leading to different measurements.

First come first served.

* Please DO NOT try to use coupon codes to buy items in this sale at lower prices. Your purchase will be cancelled and refunded. Repeat attempts will result in account closure - sorry :(.